Advisory & Training

Ad Hoc strategic studies / development in Africa or in the Balkan Region

de Saint Jean & Associés is then at the disposal of companies who want to benefit from specific strategic analyses.

Investment Committee membership

de Saint Jean & Associés can intervene as member of Investment Committee for Private Equity Funds, and can advise investment funding.

Personalized coaching for High Executives

Hubert de Saint Jean acquired an expertise in companies turnaround and in personal and collective performance development.

For example, the Net Banking Income per agent (Sales Turnover per employee) has increased by over 50% in the banks he has managed.

de Saint Jean & Associés coaches CEOs in strategic management both online and in person. This coaching aims to help them to formulate their strategic choices and to boost the performance of the team they manage .


In the same spirit, organizes seminars in favor of high executives based on their area of expertise and students. These namely (but not exclusively) concern individual and collective performance management.