Board Member

de Saint Jean & Associés intervenes as an independent board member for listed and not listed companies.

In the past, only large listed companies based in North America and in Western Europe benefited from the presence of Independent Board Members. Nowadays, this practice has expanded to the rest of the world, for listed and not-listed companies of all sizes.

As a matter of fact, opening a board of directors improves the performance of the company by delivering a new vision of the issues it is encountering.

It constitutes an important step in the development cycle of a company.

The Corporate Governance Codes recommend the presence of independent board members in the board of directors so that they can use their board as a real strategic tool.

de Saint Jean & Associés brings the Executive Management and the Board of Directors 15 years of experience as a board member and 25 years of economic and financial experience in France and abroad.

Since 2018, Hubert de Saint jean is member of IFA (French Board Member Institute). In 2019, he received the Company Board Member Diploma delivered by Sciences Po Paris.

« An independent board member is an interest-free member who contributes to the execution of missions using their free judgement and competencies»
(AFEP-Medef code).